Building containers – portable solution for your company

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Building containers – portable solution for your company

Do you need an additional space for your company? Building containers by Modular give you a possibility to design a space with particular equipment in a fast way and perfectly adopted to your needs. It is you who define the area and the demand whereas our experts design a required set. Thanks to modern technological solutions and a special designed modular construction, building containers produced by our company can be extended, transported or connect in different configuration creating a compatible fleet any time you want. You can also modify division walls, doors, windows and any elements of additional equipment. The assemblage is not complicated and moreover locating and transporting the set are economical, saving money and time. Thanks to efficiency of our production halls it takes less than a month from the acceptance of the order to the assemblage.

To adjust the product to your expectations even better there is a possibility to choose the equipment individually. Our offer contains the following:

Office containers  – which can be a professional facility of the building site but also office rooms which meet applicable building standards. They can function independently but also can be connected in storey complexes. If you choose Modular System office containers you receive a portable place of work and relax for your employees. You have a possibility to create a comfortable office in almost any conditions. Moreover, the advantage of office containers over a standard and traditional building solution is to decrease the costs of building and using.

 Sanitary containers – a perfect solution as an integral element of an office space but also sanitary facility on building sites, during cultural events, massive events or at camp sites. We value practical and hygienic solutions providing comfort and high standard of usage. Sanitary containers are equipped with wash-basins, toilet bowls, pissoirs, shower units and water-heaters according to client’s demands. Additionally, modules are equipped   with water and electrical installation and ventilation.

Sanitary containers with a kitchen – it is another solution enabling to organise work during big projects. Apart from standard equipped with sanitary unit it also has a kitchen  appliances and a tankless water heater. Containers produced by Modular System are constructed with the highest sanitary standards giving the guarantee of hygiene and safety.

Gatehouses and lodges – they can be found everywhere – car parks, housing estates, building sites, next to big company buildings. Do you need a place for security, a sentry booth or a gatehouse?  You have just found a perfect solution. The interior must be functional, adjusted to the range of duties but what is the most important comfortable and hygienic because employees spend there a lot of time.

Residential containers – what happens in case of longer time of work? There is a need of accommodating an employee in residential space. Thanks to our technological solutions we are able to create a space to accommodate any number of  your employees. The system of connecting modules in ground-floored or storey- floor systems gives unlimited possibilities and the above mentioned forms of containers provides sanitary and gastronomic facilities.

Create a portable office and prepare a functional place to work today! Build a facility for your business. You decide – WHERE? HOW? HOW MUCH FOR ? We meet your requirements and with participation of qualified engineers we become your reliable partner in business.