flat pack modular buildings

Flat pack modular buildings

Flat pack modular buildings: The same container quality at a lower cost

The mobility of modular systems is further enhanced by flatpack containers.

All structural elements and module accessories are packed efficiently for economical transportation. On-site installation of the module is simplified thanks to the detailed instructions included in the kit.

Flatpack containers are constructed from the same materials as conventional modules, ensuring they retain all their features and high quality.

flat pack container

Get to know the benefits of flat pack modular building

Key Benefits:

  • simplified and cost-effective transportation,
  • extensive selection of portable office containers,
  • maintenance of all functionalities and quality,
  • certified solutions ensuring comfort, safety, and portability,
  • option to construct larger modular structures with stacking capability,
  • compatibility with all modular systems in our range,
  • suitable for use in inaccessible areas, ensuring secure deployment.
flat pack containers

Easy and quick assembly of folding flatpack containers

Flatpack solutions are pre-fabricated modular systems designed for on-site assembly.

They eliminate the need for specialized companies or equipment. Clear assembly instructions are provided, facilitating easy and swift assembly of the final flat-packed module.

No additional work or steps are necessary for equipment procurement. You receive a ready-to-use solution that can be fully utilized immediately after assembly.

Flat pack modular building - features

Superior Materials Crafted from top-tier materials identical to those used in traditional modular buildings, ensuring robustness, durability, and full insulation.

Streamlined Transportation Each component is meticulously designed to be compact and lightweight, resulting in reduced transportation costs and a lower environmental footprint.

Effortless Assembly Accompanied by comprehensive instructions, every flat pack container facilitates simple assembly without the need for specialized tools or professional aid.

Fully Equipped Flat pack containers are fully outfitted with all essential features for immediate use, including insulation, electrical systems, and customizable plumbing options tailored to the client’s needs.

Versatile Utility Perfect for a multitude of applications, whether for temporary or permanent purposes such as offices, residences, workshops, and beyond.

Flat pack offices: choose Modular System

Customization Tailor your flat pack office to meet your precise needs in terms of size, layout, and features.

Sustainability Choose from eco-friendly options, prioritizing energy efficiency and minimizing waste throughout construction and usage.

Flat pack buildings by Modular System - contact us!

Tailored Consultation Contact us for a complete and in-depth conversation about how flat pack modular buildings can enhance your unique project.

Quotation and Installation Assistance Request a quote and receive expert guidance on the installation process, ensuring swift and efficient project commencement.

Post-Sales Assistance Benefit from comprehensive after-sales support to address any issues or facilitate additional modifications required after assembly.