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Military modules

Professional containers for uniformed services

Where quality and mobility are essential, top quality modular systems do the job.

We design our military containers on the basis of conclusions and recommendations concerning the requirements concerning military infrastructure.

We have the license and certifications necessary to deliver specialised solutions as expected.

NATO standards

The solutions we use meet the standards and requirements for securing military infrastructure for the operation of NATO units.

Our modular systems are used by uniformed services in various conditions, adapted to current needs and tasks.

Security and functionality of military containers

Military containers do more than ensure the proper work of combat equipment and IT network or workstations for command and personnel staff as well as tactical and operational personnel. They also guarantee safe living conditions for soldiers during service and during training ground exercises.

Our ready-made solutions allow you to quickly create single or collective facilities that can be dismantled and moved to another location in an equally short time.

Advantages and benefits

Building the right infrastructure from modular systems provides many benefits in operational tasks:

  • fast implementation and delivery time of dedicated solutions as required,
  • universal character, giving the possibility of free arrangement of space according to current needs,
  • mobility of solutions, allowing for their use in any place and at any time,
  • possibility of fast modification, expansion or relocation depending on the situation,
  • modern and functional structures, offering comfort and safety in a variety of conditions.

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