Project realised as part of contract no. POIR.04.01.04-00-0034/17 by the Consortium formed of:

1. Modular System Spółka z o.o.
2. Łukasiewicz – Industrial Chemistry Institute
3. Warsaw University of Technology

Project value:

PLN 6,308,080.58

Co-funding value:

PLN 5,359,080.58

The amount of co-funding of tasks carried out by Modular System Spółka z o.o.

PLN 959,000.00

Project implementation period

1/12/2019 – 30/11/2023
Project co-funded/financed by the National Research and Development Centre within the framework of the Operational Programme Smart Development 2014-2020

Project abstract

The aim of the project is to develop new or modified existing structural elements for modular buildings – prefabricated building envelopes and load bearing structures with the intention of improving the insulating properties, resistance to biological factors – fungi, mould, lichens etc., limiting the flammability of these materials. The prefabricated building envelopes are walls (panels of walls, ceilings, floors) separating the facility from the space and the partition walls inside the modules, attached indirectly or directly to the frame load bearing structure. This construction (made of steel, rectangular) plays the transport frame role for the module. Introduction of innovative changes or modifications in the above scope is planned, with significant impact on the structural and utility parameters of the elements of the prefabricated modules. Improved insulating properties are planned to achieve this through the use of silica or silica-polymer aerogels, and the use of a new type of insulating material based on foamed polyurethanes or foamed polystyrene with cellulose microfibres. Enhanced resistance to biological factors can be achieved by developing a new hygienizing product with a hybrid effect. The research covers ionic liquids and a biopreparation containing plant-derived active substances. Limiting the flammability of structural elements can be achieved thanks to the use of a new halogen-free antipyrenes. They can be obtained based on melamine salts, compounds containing nitrogen and phosphorus, inorganic compounds supporting the formation of a charred layer on a burning material. The Project should result in a new or markedly improved product (structural material) with expanded functionality, for use in modular building structures in different climate zones. The indirect results are as follows: an innovative insulating material, a new hybrid halogen-free antipyrene and methods of introducing these additives to the final product.