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Office containers

If you are looking for some office space, you are in the right place. Modular constructions offered by Modular System are perfect for offices. Our solutions allow not only to design and adopt the space to your company needs but also to extend already existing objects.

Thanks to modular objects (office containers) you can:

  • create or modify the space
  • provide facilities for your employees
  • organise a sanitary section
  • build warehouses


Modular System allows to connect modules in deliberate constructions. Office containers offer is based on the system of connecting single modules into functional office space. Connecting office containers we can obtain an unlimited space. The client has the opportunity to design a set with division walls depending on intended use of a room. These objects are fully equipped for the client. Another advantage is easy assemblage and lack of necessity of fixing them to the solid foundation. Moreover, office container connected by Modular System can be easily transported to any place you need! This is a perfect solution for companies which focus on development and are open for changes.


Applied technology allows to build:

  • offices with sanitary units,
  • schools, day care centres,
  • gastronomic points,
  • shops, newsagents’ and chemists,
  • sports facilities by football pitches and stadiums,
  • hotels, motels,
  • warehouses and many more…

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