Kontenery modułowe – rodzaje i przeznaczenie

Kontener modułowy z oknami

Kontenery modułowe – rodzaje i przeznaczenie

Modular building meets different clients’ needs and containers themselves are found in wider and wider usage of public, commercial, building and military areas. What are the modular containers and what is their purpose of usage? What types of them are available?

Modular systems depending on the purpose can be divided into a few basic groups. There are residential and public, commercial, building and military ones. The differences between them are based on the usage and equipment.

Residential and public containers are equipped to meet everyday and essential needs. Apart from the fact that they can be a place for temporary living in comfortable conditions after connecting in an extended object they can also become day care centers, schools, dormitories or hotels. Although in the last case a modular house technology is used.

The containers are used more often for commercial purposes. Using them as permanent or temporary offices is the most popular. Other but also common uses of commercial containers are gatehouses, supermarkets, gastronomical points and ticket booths at mass events.

There is a high demand for containers in building industry which have different functions depending on their equipment. There are technological, storage, office, sanitary, or even residential building containers. The last ones are used as temporary places of living for workers and are simply but comfortably equipped.

The last but crucial sector where the portable aspect of containers is important is the army which changes its place continually. This is specialized type of modular containers which have very tough construction.

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Residential containers often called social ones are equipped in basic appliances and amenities such as central heating, electrical installation, PCV windows. In this type of containers you can find a kitchenette with an electric or gas cooker, a sink, a bathroom with a toilet, a wash-basin and a shower cabin. There are building but also military residential containers.

Office objects have an electrical installation, a central heating and a bathroom. Air-conditioning optional. Division walls can be built inside a container, windows are usually secured by burglary roller blinds.

Storage containers are simple constructions which feature high durability. There is a possibility to configurate their aspect and create multi-storey modular systems. They are the most often used on building sites as a place to store tools and building materials. Additionally, special solutions are created for the army such as arsenal containers, portable depots of explosive materials and container warehouses for disassembling of ammunition.

Medical containers are a medical facility on building sites, military operations and also are the support for basic medical services during mass events, epidemics or natural disasters. They enable not only ambulatory treatment but also provide inpatients decent conditions for the time of treatment.

Thanks to sanitary containers optimal conditions can be created to meet basic physiological and hygienic needs during building, mass events and on military operations areas.  There are shower cabins, wash-basins, toilets, pissoirs and kitchenette in the sanitary containers.

Whereas technical containers are mostly used to embedment of different kinds of machines or devices which have to be protected from adverse effects of atmospheric agents or used of not authorized people. These kind of objects are produced for a special request of a client.

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