What characterizes modular homes?

innowacyjne kontenery mieszkalne

What characterizes modular homes?

Modular construction is gaining popularity in Poland. Recently it was associated with social-building containers and exhition pavilons, but nowadays temporary architecture is not the only application of this construction industry.Modular buildings are both used in residential and commercial construction.  Year round family houses,  multifamily buildings, schools,  hotels etc. are becoming more important. Let’s see, what are the features of such solutions.


Modular houses – characteristic features

Modular houses are made from prefabricated special elements.  Those are semi-finished products. Their assembly is based on connecting many modules directly on the construction site. Ready modules are produced in factories, and their level of prefabrication can reach even 90%. It significantly shortens the investment time, and assembly of the whole construction takes from a few days to few weeks. In comparison to classic technologies, the building time of a modular house is faster by 70%. In factories, we not only do constructions but also we do finishing. Prefabricates can be connected with each other, on earlier prepared foundations. The foundations can be: special system supports, as well as concrete blocks or spread footings.


Assembly works can be done independently of the weather conditions. Modular house construction allows any configuration and expansion. Nothing prevents from enlarging the house in the future – both vertically and horizontally – you can add extra elements. Modular houses are also mobile – you can move them from place to place. You can also put them on any ground, and in any time of the year. It is also an alternative to classic construction methods.


Modular homes – types

Modular homes are usually based on the construction of a self-supporting steel frame. Its filling is made of expanded leca or sandwich panels with a suitable insulating layer – PIR foam or mineral wool. Leca can be also a filling of a steel frame, which inner walls are made from gypsum fiber board. Such prepared modular homes, have all the installations prepared – like water, sewage, eletrical and heating. They meet all the construction efficiency standards, and the facade finish can be any.