Modular building

Modular building is an advanced solution in modern construction allowing to design various objects using modules. By using high-tech method of segments assembly, the customer can design the ordered objects by himself.

Modular House is not only functional and comfortable, but also distinguished by its quality, aesthetics execution and design.

Modular building technology provides the opportunity to a quick and easy way of implement an investment project by building a new objects, extending existing ones as well as changing configurations of partition walls.

Modular System

in order to meet the demand for objects in system building, we offer the ability to build modular buildings at a competitive prices:


Estate Housing in modular building is an offer that is aimed at municipalities and housing associations looking for a cheap communal construction solutions that is comfortable and durable and does not deviate from the traditional construction.


residence collective, for example. dormitories, boarding schools

Residence buildings provide the ability to create dozens of homes for multiple families in a short period of time. Thanks to the solid steel structure framework the building can have several floors.


school and pre-school

Modern modular construction technology is the ideal solution for the development of infrastructure related to the objects of the school, kindergarten or crèches. This allows you not only to design new objects, but also the expansion of existing ones in order to increase the usable space adaptation to current needs.



Modular Hotel usually consists of several modules equipped in rooms with their own bathroom. The building has the necessary facilities: reception, bathrooms ,restaurant, storage room, a staff room. Modular hotels are quick to make, are functional and practical.



Modern architectural designs meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. The variety of equipment options make their modular office a comfortable place to work.


other specified by the client

Showroom Modultop
domek modułowy

Modular building is a new approach to multifunctional construction.


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