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Military solutions

The modular technology is an excellent solution for the military. It provides fast building of single or collective facilities that can be disassembled and relocated in a short time. An important advantage of container construction is the ability to use it in various combat conditions.

We make:

  • office containers
  • residential containers (optional disassembling containers)
  • workshop containers
  • hydrophore water containers
  • energy containers
  • social containers (kitchen, dining room, sanitary ware)
  • medical gas containers:
    • operating rooms
    • gas containers
    • medical gas containers
    • X-RAY containers
  • special purpose
    • disassembly of ammunition,
    • storage of explosives,
    • storage of weapons

Container segments

Sanitary Containers (prs certificate)

  • Welded construction, profiles 3-6 mm;
  • Welded roof insulated;
  • Wool insulated floor, P5 chipboard #22mm, PVC flooring;
  • Housing: trapezoidal sheet, wall insulation with sandwich panels;
  • Electrical and flush-mounted heating systems;
  • Electrical equipment: 2x36W luminaires;
  • Heating electrical equipment: electric radiators, e. g. 2. 5kW;
  • Sanitary equipment: shower cabins, WC cabins, washbasins, electric water heaters, mirrors, clothes hangers;
  • Door joinery: steel external doors insulated, internal doors paneled;
  • Window joinery: PVC windows with double glazing.

Workshop containers

Modular containers entirely intended for workshop purposes, also can be used as tool storage.

Hydrophore water containers

Special modular constructions equipped with water storage tanks and devices to ensure appropriate transfer of water to other receiving elements.

Energy containers

Made for the installation of power generating units.

Refrigeration containers

We offer containers in a modular system equipped with electric or diesel electric and combustion aggregates, used in the absence of an existing electrical connection.

  • Refrigerated containers are used to store and transport goods that require the right temperature,
  • These containers are widely used for storing such goods as: meat preparations, vegetables, fruit, beverages.
  • Refrigerated containers have two separate structural blocks: the cooling part and the storage part. The body of the container is made of steel construction and polyurethane panels with external coating of aluminium sheet and internal sheet suitable for food storage.
  • The thermally insulated floor can be made in several variants; aluminium T-profiles, the purpose of which is to provide cool air for the load from below or corrugated aluminium sheet.
  • Flexible screed made of epoxy or polyurethane resins with a smooth or non-slip finish tested at -30°C.
  • Container doors are made of the same materials as side walls. Closing the containers on the door makes it possible to hermetically close the goods, which are in the middle of the container.
  • The whole unit is enclosed in a steel structure protected against corrosion.
  • Produced by cold stores and container isotherms can also be supplied in the version of exchange containers (equipped with special legs), treated as mobile warehouses put up on storage yards without the need to use a crane.
  • The cooling unit automatically maintains a constant temperature between approx. +25°C and -25°C. Power supply 380V/50Hz – 440V/60Hz, 200V/50Hz – 220V/60Hz, Electric power unit allows to automatically set and keep the temperature constant.
  • The refrigerated containers are easy to operate and we offer training in handling if necessary.

Medical Containers

Purpose of military medical containers:

  • Medical security for the army.
  • Providing medical assistance in the regions of mass sanitary losses (mass disasters, natural disasters).
  • Support of stationary health care in situations of special threat (activities in regions without medical assistance, mass events, epidemics).

Zadania podstawowe:

  • Treatment of injured and sick people in an inpatient setting.
  • Out-patient treatment for primary care.
  • To provide adequate social and living conditions for injured and sick people.
  • Isolation of infectious patients.

Social containers (kitchen, bathroom, and the prs certification)

  • Welded construction, profiles 3-6 mm;
  • Welded roof insulated;
  • Wool insulated floor, CETRIS board, PVC carpet;
  • Housing: trapezoidal sheet, wall insulation with sandwich panels plus plasterboards;
  • Partition walls inside the container made of sandwich panels plus gypsum cardboard panels;
  • Electrical and flush-mounted heating systems;
  • Surface-mounted sanitary installation;
  • Sanitary equipment: WC bowl Compact, hanging sink, single chamber steel sink with draining board, shower cabin;
  • Electrical equipment: 2x36W luminaires;
  • Heating electrical equipment: electric radiators, e. g. 1. 5kW;
  • Door joinery: steel external doors insulated, internal doors paneled;
  • Window joinery: PVC windows with double glazing.

Office/living containers

  • Welded construction, foldable, profiles 2-3 mm;
  • Welded, insulated roof;
  • Wool insulated floor, P5 chipboard #22mm, PVC flooring;
  • Container housing made of sandwich panels;
  • Electrical and flush-mounted heating systems;
  • Electrical equipment: 2x36W luminaires;
  • Electrical equipment for heating: electric radiators, e. g. 1. 5Kw;
  • Door joinery: steel doors outside insulated, internal doors panel;
  • Window joinery: PVC windows with double glazing.

Containers for ammunition disassembly

It is intended for the disposal of small arms, artillery and mines that have already lost their combat capabilities. Their use endangers the safety of soldiers and the storage costs are high and the risk of uncontrolled initiation increases every day. Modern technology allows for safe disassembling of the ammunition to the required fractions:

  • removal of the detonator and the igniter,
  • the destruction of ammunition into a missile and a shell,
  • the removal of propelling charges,
  • reparation of metal elements for transport (depending on the type of ammunition, the leading rings should be removed from the missiles)
  • grinding, granulation and packaging of propellants

Storage of explosives

Mobile storage facilities for explosives are designed for the safe storage of crushing, pyrotechnic and initiating agents, dangerous substances, and unexploded ordnance and unexploded ordnance. The modules can be used by the military in combat or training activities, the police and private companies, e. g. mining, laboratories, etc. Dangerous materials are stored in steel tubes, isolated from each other. Insulation of each tube with a steel cover protects other stored materials against excitation in case of initiation of an explosion in one of the chambers. The modularity of the chambers allows for the configuration of customised warehouses. 10′ and 20” containers are used for mobile storage of hazardous goods. The module can consist of one or two compartments for storing different hazardous substances:

  • Container frames,
  • armoured walls,
  • a compartment or compartments,
  • racks and cabinets for storing materials,
  • an electrical lighting system,
  • lightning protection and anti-electrostatic installations,
  • alarm signalling.

Container- storage of weapons - type 20 hakowy 1c

The 20′ 1C container is constructed on a steel frame with a solid sidewall and a solid rear wall. On the wall of the front door double-leaf with double closing. Solid roof welded to the frame. In every corner of the container ISO corners. Container elements welded with semi-automatic gas shields. Container steel structure blasted and protected against corrosion. Container elements made of steel: S355J2 and S235JR. 2.


  • length – 6058 – 6 mm;
  • width – 2438 -5 mm;
  • height – 2438 -5 mm;

Performance standards:

  • PN-ISO 1161;
  • PN-ISO 668;
  • PN-ISO 830;
  • PN-EN ISO 6346;
  • PN-ISO 1496-1.

The container is equipped with:

  • Customs seals;
  • Two symmetrical wing doors on the front wall;
  • Loader/unloader rollers mounted on the lower edge of the rear panel;
  • Hooks for securing the load straps.

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