MSPO 2017

Modułowy kontener biurowy

MSPO 2017

Modular System Sp. z o.o. at The International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce.

From 5 to 10 September 2017 The International Defence Industry Exhibition took place in Kielce, Poland. We had the privilege and pleasure to participate in that event. As manufacturer of military containers we presented our solutions for military sector industry. We are proud of producing the following containers for military campus:

  • office,
  • residential (foldable containers available),
  • workshops,
  • quartermaster – break room,
  • aquatic (water-pumping room),
  • energy- related,
  • break rooms (kitchen, dining-room, sanitary),
  • medical:
    • operating theatre,
    • medical gas containers,
    • roentgen containers,
  • special purposes:
    • disassembling of ammunition,
    • depot of explosive materials,
    • arsenal,
    • technical gases

The range of production of Modular System Sp. z o.o.  can create the wide base of protecting the infrastructure of Territorial Defence Forces functioning.

The latest innovation, presented at our booth, was a portable arsenal for a new type of military forces – Territorial Defence Force – dedicated to store up (store) and transport weapon in two variants:

  • with use of PELI case, it provides adjustment to air, marine and road transportation, fast loading and unloading of a container, water- resistance and dustproof
  • with use of adjusted racks which perform function of permanently secured stillage to the side walls of a container while transportation. Weapon and equipment are perfectly secured in order not to move while loading and transportation.  

There were almost forty thousand visitors at International Defence Industry Exhibition. Among special guest appeared representatives of The Ministry of National Defence,  The National Safe Bureau and numerous official domestic and foreign delegacies.

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