Gen. Anatol Wojtan about Modular System


Gen. Anatol Wojtan about Modular System

Retired lieutenant general of military forces  of  The Republic of Poland Anatol Jerzy Wojtan. Between 2012-2016 a deputy of Chief of General Staff of Polish Army, former Chief of Polish Military Mission in Neutral Countries Supervisory Committee who supervised the demarcation line between North Korea and South Korea. He has large journalistic-scholary works. He was a lecturer in National Defence Academy. He is an expert and authority in defence and security policy.

What does Modular System have in common with the army and why?

Modular System has a rich experience and production potential which allowed to face the challenge given by the army. We mean the production of containers exactly for this kind of sector. The company offered courageous and rich range of containers: office, residential, workshops, residential-social, power supply, medical and special purposes such as portable arsenals, depot of explosive materials and disassembling of ammunition. A great advantage of special purposes containers is providing efficient ballistics shield against shooting and shrapnel. It is possible thanks to using preparations based on aromatic polymer with strictly defined parameters of extending and endurance applied to particular requirements. Containers dedicated to transport and long-term storage of armament and specialized military equipment (weapon) are the latest offer of the company.  The containers provide high resistance to harsh weather conditions and meet all requirements to store and transport of the weapon. As a practitioner I know how important are the above mentioned elements. Applying modern technology in production of the containers such as residential-social, workshops, power supply, medical guarantees their functionality and reliability of usage in extreme conditions and also being eco-friendly.

Fast building of single or complex objects meets the army needs. Also these objects can be very fast disassembled and transported to another location in short time and almost with no effort. Moreover, they give possibility to use them in different area conditions and to interfere in inner set of rooms and adapt it to current needs. They meet the requirements of units acting in crisis situations where a significant function is the speed of mobilization.

The advantage of Modular System

The high quality of Modular System products is thanks to modern and advanced technological production line based on the latest generation of machines and devices of metal, used materials and building components processing, work organization and quality control at particular stages of the cycle. It guarantees the achievement of reliability, the speed of production, innovativeness and possibility to adjust a product to individual client’s needs. The professionalism of providing services by a group of over 200 qualified and skilled employees and the highest quality of products and services certifies the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008. Their acting is supported by twenty years of experience.

The result of managers assertiveness and intensive expansion for new segments on the market is a big interest in their products not only in Poland but also abroad (Sweden, Austria, Hungary, Czechia).

Another great advantage of Modular System company is production efficiency which provides short time of realization of an order together with keeping the high quality, aesthetic of production and also competitive prices.

Over twenty years of experience of the company together with modern management idea and advanced technological process of production have already given positive results in production for the army. We are waiting for further success and we are happy that a company with Polish asset succeeds on different European markets giving possibility to work for so many people.