In the face of growing problems with social housing and housing shortages, it becomes necessary to look for other solutions in the field of housing for residents deprived of their premises. A great idea will be residential containers: comfortable, functional, cheap, and at the same time aesthetic. What is worth knowing about them?

In construction, new solutions are being sought for more efficient, economical and faster construction of buildings. Modular construction has become a real "revolution" in this respect. In this article, we will explain what it actually is and when it applies.

Innovative modular systems are currently becoming more and more popular. Modular containers work not only as social, sanitary and storage rooms in the construction industry, but also as practical and modern office spaces. In this article we will present the most important benefits of using an office container.

Modular construction is gaining popularity in Poland. Recently it was associated with social-building containers and exhition pavilons, but nowadays temporary architecture is not the only application of this construction industry.