Kontener modułowy z oknami

What makes us different

Experience and TraditionOur employees have over 20 years of experiencein performing high quality products has been confirmed by long-term cooperation with customers from different areas of economy and administration, including the Ministry of National Defense.

Innovative Solutions – authorial products created by the project department are fully personalized and corresponded to the conditions, capabilities and requirements of our clients.

Montaż i produkcja kontenerów budowlanych


Many years of experience and high quality products based on the hight-tech machinery and equipment is the cornerstone of the company success in the country and in the international markets. We supply our products to contractors all over Europe including: Sweden, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Denmark, Norway and Unitet States of America.

Modular System Sp. z o.o has the ability to produce 800 modules per month, providing the customers with a short execution time with high quality and aesthetics of products.

Pokazowy kontener biurowy

Who we are?

Modular System Sp. z o.o. is one of the largest producers of multi-function modules in Poland that can be individual facilities or as a part of large buildings both storied and ground-floor.

The company potential allows to meet the most exalted expectations of domestic and foreign customers. Proposed and provided solutions are the result of many years’ experience in innovative engineering and knowledge of current trends in modular architecture.

Modular System Sp. z o.o provides innovative solutions for modular and container architecture. The plant with a group of 230 skilled workers with a modern machine park guarantees high quality, reliability and fast execution of commissioned projects.

Kilkupoziomowy obiekt budowlany składający się z modułów

Our offer

Container Construction – is a fast and cheap way to create and expand the space incl. office, residential, break room, sanitary, storage and special purposes. The main advantage of using containers is the possibility of multiple installation of assembled objects with minimal time and material usage in any configurations.

Modular Building is an advanced solution in modern construction allowing to design various objects using modules.
By using high-tech method of segments assembly, the customer can design the or-dered objects by himself.
Modular House is not only functional and comfortable, but also distinguished by its quality, aesthetics execution and design.
Modular building technology provides the opportunity to a quick and easy way of implement an investment project by building a new objects, extending existing ones as well as changing configurations of partition walls.

Container Construction for the Army
The modular technology is an excellent solution for the army. It provides fast building of single or collective facilities that can be disassembled and relocated in a short time. An important advantage of container construction is the ability to use it in various combat conditions. The containers allow to preserve the proper operation of combat equipment, command systems and soldiers’ accommodation in operations abroad and during firing ground training.

The company has a wide offer for the army such as office, residential, workshop, warehouse, social-utility, for quartermaster, power units, medical, and containers for special-purpose, incl. mobile weapons stores, explosive materials stores and ammu-nition decommissions.


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