wojskowi ładuja broń do kontenera wojskowego

Military solutions

The modular technology is an excellent solution for the military. It provides fast building of single or collective facilities that can be disassembled and relocated in a short time. An important advantage of container construction is the ability to use it in various combat conditions.

We make:

  • office containers
  • residential containers (optional disassembling containers)
  • workshop containers
  • hydrophore water containers
  • energy containers
  • social containers (kitchen, dining room, sanitary ware)
  • medical gas containers:
    • operating rooms
    • gas containers
    • medical gas containers
    • X-RAY containers
  • special purpose
    • disassembly of ammunition,
    • storage of explosives,
    • storage of weapons

Container segments

Sanitary Containers (prs certificate)

Workshop containers

Hydrophore water containers

Energy containers

Refrigeration containers

Medical Containers

Social containers (kitchen, bathroom, and the prs certification)

Office/living containers

Containers for ammunition disassembly

Storage of explosives

Container- storage of weapons - type 20 hakowy 1c


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